Solar is still a good investment.

The government investment in the solar industry over the past 5 years has resulted in much improved and more affordable systems. In fact, solar is more affordable than ever resulting in the same or better pay back times than when the industry was heavily subsidised and systems were over 3 times the price.

Solar Power

Laser Electrical Noosaville can calculate pay back rates and just how much you will save in the coming years. We can effectively estimate the pay back benefits based on today's prices and projected savings from protection against future predicted price increase. We can also calculate the predicted carbon pollution savings.

How we work

First, we carry out a comprehensive site inspection including building orientation, solar access and energy usage analysis.

The site inspection will give us the information needed to design and carry out a quality reliable installation to the latest ASNZS 5033 solar regulations. We size the system to your needs to ensure you don't over capitalize on your investment. We then explain the installation to you before proceeding.

Laser Electrical Noosaville is a local company who intend to be in business in Noosaville for the life of your solar and beyond. This is why we only use tried and tested products that are backed up with a solid track record and accountable warranty policies.

Solar systems are very durable but we would recommend regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure you get the best from your investment.

Solar Installation

Solar Capabilities

Laser Electrical Noosaville are pleased to offer a number of solar solutions:

Solar Capabilities

Grid connect PV systems
Grid connect solar systems are the most common application of solar energy allowing you to feed energy back into the grid or offset your usage to reduce or eliminate your bill.

Stand Alone PV Systems
Stand alone systems allow you to live totally off grid. A great solution in remote situations where connecting to the grid is not cost effective.

Energy saving pumps
Pool pumps use a considerable amount of electricity as they run for a large part of the day. Low energy pumps use the same slow start technology as your inverter air conditioners to eliminate the high start up current and reduce your usage by up to 75%.

Hybrid PV Systems
A hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid connected system to offset your power usage to reduce your bill , and the ability to feed essential circuits via an eps emergency power system which gives up to 25 amps of emergency power during the day to supply fridge ,water pump and lighting and negate need for back up generator.

Commercial Solar lighting
Solar lighting is now a very cost effective way of lighting outside areas without the cost of excavating for undergound cabling and infrastructure as well as costing nothing to run.

Laser Electrical Noosaville and partners hold the following accreditations:

  • LG Chem - RESU and ESS
  • Tesla Powerwall

Laser Electrical and partners as standard practice choose to supply and install high quality inverters and panels including:

  • SMA standard and hybrid inverters
  • SOLAX standard and hybrid inverters
  • ENPHASE Micro-inverters
  • PHONO SOLAR Panels - winner of the 2016 Best Panel in Class with BNVBV (as per independent Ger-man Testing)
  • Control gear from Clipsal
  • IMO DC Isolators (1 million installed worldwide, zero fails)
LG Chem
Solax Power
Enphase Energy
Phono Solar

Hybrid and stand alone solar systems completed by Laser Electrical Noosaville and partners

Solar Systems
Stand Alone Solar Systems
Hybrid Solar Systems

Solar Capabilities

We offer a comprehensive solar maintenance service in accordance with AS 5033.

Our service includes cleaning panels and inspecting the condition of the installation and its components. We check the system data to ensure the system is operating to its full potential. We also scan the system with a thermo-graphic camera. This highlights heat caused by bad connections which could lead to system failures or fires.

Please contact Laser Electrical Noosaville to learn more about solar or to discuss your requirements.

Solar Panels