Service Calls

Our service call is just a minimum charge at our standard rate.

A service call is applicable to every job. This covers the first hour of our time, including travel to you from Noosaville. Upon arrival, we will often need to discuss work with you, advise, consult and apply our experience in order to commence work. This effectively means that the service fee also serves as a consultation fee.

While we can often complete basic service jobs within this time, additional time to complete work may be required and is chargeable at $93/hr. (Billed in quarter hour increments.)

Our time is charged from Noosaville and includes the travel however far that is. In the case of sites over 20 Km from Noosaville the service call is higher to cover travel back. See below for details.

We have different types of service calls depending upon your proximity to our workshop and requirements.

  • 20km from workshop: Standard service call - $93/hr (Flat rate, includes up to an hour of time.)
  • 20km - 30km from workshop: Service call - $115.00 (Flat rate, includes up to an hour of time.)
  • 30km - 50km from workshop: Service call - $180.00 (Flat rate, includes up to an hour of time.)
  • 50km from workshop: No service call, time chargeable at $93/hr, from the time we leave the workshop. (Chargeable in quarter hour increments.)

Emergency Service Calls

  • Standard Emergency Call - $330.00 Out of business hours, includes two hours. (This covers commercial customers after office close at 6pm weekdays and all weekend, All customers after 8pm and Sundays)
  • After Close Emergency Call - $264.00 Out of business hours, includes two hours. (Calls lodged between 5pm and 8pm and 7 am to 5 pm Saturday)
  • Quotations - $93.00 Payable prior to/upon arrival on site. This fee is credited against the job if work proceeds.
  • Home Automation - $132.00 This includes one hour of diagnostics by our home automation technician. Further repairs are charged at a minimum of $660.00 charged up front as a deposit and covers onsite and off site programming if required.

Home automation systems can be fraught with issues that are not apparent until costly work has been carried out. The $660 covers the cost of minor components and or Laser Electricals specialist to travel up from Brisbane and assist with the programming. We are aiming to be fully transparent with the potential issues and costs involved with this kind of high tech equipment as it gets older before we proceed.

Labour rates

We are proud to offer a range of skills and specializations within our work team. Rates per hour (chargeable in quarter hour increments) are listed below, and vary depending upon the requirements of your job.

  • Electricians and air conditioning technicians $93/hr
  • Home automation technicians: $132.00/hr
  • Apprentices: $27.50 - $71.50/hr (If chargeable, dependent upon skill required)

Other services offered

  • EWR submissions - $132.00. These are applications to Energex that we can submit on your behalf to request that they change your metering in some form (e.g. changing a hot water to off peak tariff).
  • Reports - $93.00 (For insurance claims, smoke alarm certifications for property rentals/sales, etc.)

Quoted Works

All quoted work will require payment of a deposit before the work is carried out. This is to cover the purchase of materials.

Appliance Repairs and Component Replacement

We would like to warn in advance that the replacement of components in appliances and air conditioners occasionally results in us finding further issues that were not apparent until the first item was replaced.

On average the repair of an appliance cost half the cost of a new one and is not always successful. We always recommend full replacement of any machine over 5 years' old.

We require at least 50% deposit for these types of jobs before we can proceed.

Supply of Own Materials

A discretionary 20% surcharge may apply to materials supplied by the customer. Please discuss with the office prior to commencement of work.

At Laser Electrical we pride ourselves in leaving the work site in the same clean and tidy condition we found it in.

Any product we supply we will remove all the packaging as you would expect. In the case of rubbish removal of the packaging of products we didn't supply we will charge a fee of $20 to cover tip fee's.