Laser Electrical are Ecosmart electricians. We can provide energy efficient solutions to help cut your electric bill.

What systems and appliances use the most power? What kind of a compromise will low energy products be?

At Laser Electrical we are experts in efficiency and can assist you in creating your complete low energy solution. We can identify areas of high use and advise on the latest products and initiatives to save you money.

Energy Monitoring

Power Tracker

Knowing what energy your using and when is key to reducing your power bill.

We use power tracker monitors to accurately track your power usage and help you save money. We can provide you with an insight into your energy usage right down to the minute. Our reports help you better understand your bill. All kinds of data about your power usage can be displayed on any of your devices on your online widget board

Power Trackers

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Just some of our energy saving initiatives. As CEC accredited installers we can advise on the viability and benefits of solar power.

Power Trackers

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

We will supply and fit Davey Eco pumps using 70% less power than your standard pool pump.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Laser Electrical in partnership with Phillips lighting can provide the latest in high quality LED lighting, improving the lighting of your space and saving up to 80% of power.

Energy Efficient Lighting